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Birth of a ‘militant’,how to over come…

Now a days world is suffering from a disease
called ‘Militancy’. Most of the countries of the
world are affected by the severe militant activities.
Without making any preface I want to laid down
some causes behind these activities as my personal
opinion.First of all I can mention that when a
person feel unsecured within his current set up
of social atmosphere,most important of which ,
if he feels deprived of his rights, survival,economy,
his prestige that too if it is from a Government
or a certain class of people , there by a new Militant
takes birth. ……..to be continued

Severe encounter in between police and ABP

Severe encounter have been taken place at Hasimara,Jalpaiguri,
west Bengal,India today on 8th june 2009 while ABP supporters
were protesting against the ill motive of police in connection with
a rape cum murder case. 6 police personels are injured by the
poisonous arrow and 2 persons are injured by the bullets being
fired by the police.2 of police vehicle and other 4 vehicles were
burnt during the encounter.