Disguised criminals/Organized crime/Behind the screen of Democracy in India..

India is severely affected by various disguised criminals and their organized crime. These crimes are taking place behind the screen of so called Indian Democracy. Democratic set up of India is the fertile opportunity for these white criminals. I shall gradually publish several such instances before the world for the greater interests of the Indian people. To be continued.....

Poison Leaf of Cooch Behar and it's peculiar healing capacity!

A leaf is called "poison Leaf" have been used by the native of Cooch Behar,West Bengal,India for restoring broken bones.They are using this leaf from long ago.This leaf is being used after failure of all modern medicine with cent percent success through out the District.I invite attention of the concerned.

“Ancient Solar Science of India”

“Ancient Solar Science of India”

This is to point towards the ancient knowledge of India.To day my topic is famous ‘Surya Vigyan’ meaning of which is Solar Science. Although this science is almost abolished from India and a few persons may have a little knowledge about this unique science.

This science is related with the modern change of state of matter theory of Physics. Using solar energy and certain special lenses a visible unforeseen change of state of a matter may take place is the main theme of this ancient solar science.

Sri Vishuddha Nanda Paramahans was the first person who brought this secret and abolished science from Tibet and had given several practical demonstrations before many learned persons and scientists at Calcutta.I am searching for such a person who is having practical knowledge on the said ancient science of India for the greater interest of the mankind. Attached a photograph of sri vishuddha Nanda Paramahans.

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